Palaestra Help & Documentation

How to Use The Palaestra Chat and Profile Roster

Your first visit

1  Go to the home page:   http://palaestra.us.com

2  Click on chat room:   chat room

3  Login: enter the username and password you previously selected, or if you have never logged in before, just click "register new username".

4  It will then ask you for a username, password (make them up, and remember them) and your e-mail. After filling out the form, click "register and login".

5  Now click  edit profile  and enter the rest of your profile info so others can find you in searches.

6  The Help button gives context-sensitive help on most pages.

7  If messages scroll too fast, click Pause to catch up, then continue.

8  If messages are too fast or too slow and you want to change the speed, click the "color & password" button (which also is the place to go to change things like your chat text color)

9  When you're done with the chat room, click "logout". Note that you can also search profiles from the home page (see step 1), or look at links, events or help.

After your first visit

Just login and enter the username and password you previously selected. colorbar

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